Jing Lin Wing Chun

We are a globally distributed community of martial practitioners of the (Yip Man) Leung Sheung Wing Chun system. Jing Lin, or "refined practice", is based on traditional principles in context, and lifelong learning for mastery. The community is headed by David Davila (founder of Shanghai Wing Chun) and Wesley Lim (Founder of Singapore Wing Chun), two long-term students of (Kenneth) Chung Maanin.

Wing Chun

WING CHUN is designed to use simple, direct movements to overcome larger, stronger opponents. Utilizing the laws of physics to make intelligent fighters, we do not rely on pure speed and brute strength, but rather develop our position, sensitivity, and timing. We believe in building a strong foundation in practice and precision in execution. Proper training develops calm confidence and a healthy mind and body. Wing Chun is suitable for adults of all genders, sizes, and athletic abilities.LEUNG SHEUNG WING CHUN is the transmission of the Wing Chun Kuen system as taught to Leung Sheung - Yip Man's foremost student. Leung Sheung placed a strong emphasis structure, and relaxation to generate the proper energy for application.KENNETH CHUNG further emphasizes the correct execution of Wing Chun structure through precise Position, Sensitivity, and Timing(Energy).

The Wing Chun body structure helps the practitioner maintain equilibrium under pressure. The practitioner uses proper positioning to neutralize incoming pressures. Correct position should not be compromised as this would create openings that could be taken advantage of.
Sensitivity helps us to be effective at close range, as well as to neutralize conflict before it begins. A tense mind/body is less able to detect such subtle intentions.
We practice executing each move with greater precision and economy of motion. This helps to minimize telegraphing.
These 3 concepts work as an upward spiral. A better position improves sensitivity and an improved sensitivity improves one's timing. Therefore we tend to focus more on macro/micro positions which improve the practitioner's ability to sense tension and intention, in turn leading to better execution timing.

Our Community

While we are all over the world, we have a few hubs where practitioners meet regularly as a community of practice.A Community of Practice (CoP) is a study group facilitated by Group Leaders who are studying with David Davila and Wesley Lim. Along with organizing local practice sessions, we also host occasional regional public workshops where non-members are invited to learn together. In addition, students have access to self-study resources and regular Zoom meetings to connect with other member-practitioners and receive feedback on their practice. Since we don't operate under the traditional Sifu model, classes tend to be more informal and interactive. We operate in an environment where questions are encouraged and belief does not come without evidence.If you are looking for sport or a fun way to get a workout - this is not for you. If you are looking for an additional tool in your MMA toolkit, this is probably not for you either. If you are interested in developing a craft that you can grow old with, discovering ever-subtle levels of yourself within a martial context, then this might be for you.

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